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R.J. Runn has a special gift for finding things. She works alone and likes it that way, so when a British aristocrat asks her to find the legendary Sword Of Mars, she doesn’t expect to be saddled with his grandson, who never seems to stop talking! Her patience and skills are tested as fate and ancient assassins conspire to keep her from her goal. Can she find the sword and get herself and her new companion back home or will she sacrifice the nobleman to the assassins just to finally have some peace and quiet?


R.J. Runn is an aboriginal woman who lost her only remaining family when she was fifteen to a suspicious death. She lives alone, eats alone, travels alone and she works when she wants to and with whom she wants to. There is no room in her life for relationships because she has learned that those who get close to her tend to either betray her or die. With such a grievous past, it’s no wonder that she also prefers to work alone.  R.J. hides her unique tri- coloured eyes behind dark glasses, for she has learned that they make others uncomfortable, and those glasses also help her keep her distance from anyone who choses to get too close.

R.J. has a special gift for finding things. She’s used her special ability to help people find items that were lost days, weeks, and in some cases, centuries ago.  It is not a super power, however, and she does need some details in order to be directed to the area with the item was lost. So when she finds herself taking a case to find an ancient sword once owned by Attila the Hun she expects it to take a little more time than a lost wedding ring or the neighbor’s cat. No one could predict that she would end up crashing into a mountain, chased by ninjas and even trapped in a cage with a live, angry tiger! This hunt has turned out to be far more dangerous than she had expected and not only does she need to scramble constantly to save her own skin, she also has to make sure that the British Aristocrat who insisted on coming with her also makes it home in one piece!

Rory Dodge is the grandson of a British Lord and has lived a privileged and often secluded life.  He is an outgoing, well mannered young man, and his passion for his ancestors allowed him to peruse several degrees in history and ancient civilizations, he also speaks several languages. Having lost his parents when he was very young, he was raised by his grandfather, Lord Ashley, who raised him a proper young nobleman to be his heir. Rory understands the responsibilities of his grandfather’s title, however he also craves a departure from his restrictive upbringing and constant schooling. He craves excitement and adventure, and he believes he has found an avenue to explore such things when he meets the beautiful relic hunter his grandfather has hired to find the Sword of Mars. R.J. Runn is confident, deliberate and mistrustful of others. She seems unimpressed by titles or wealth and has the most extraordinary eyes he has ever seen. R.J. is unlike any woman he has ever met and Rory is immediately fascinated by her.

So when his grandfather convinces her to work for them, Rory is added to the deal as her companion. R.J. is not happy and Rory can’t blame her, however they have their own secrets to keep and goals to make and so eventually he persuades her to take him along, despite her warnings that it could be dangerous. He is sure that the adventure for the sword will be fun and exciting, but instead it turns into a life and death struggle for both of them. Now he must prove to R.J. and himself that taking him along wasn’t a mistake, and keep them both alive long enough to finish their quest.

Lord Thomas Ashley is a British Lord who raised his grandson from a young age after his daughter and son-in-law are killed. He is a Spaniard who married into English nobility, so he knows better than to judge a book by it’s cover. As a member of an ancient society to find and preserve powerful artifacts, he has his reservations about the female relic hunter that was recommended to them to help find the Sword of Mars. She is a bold, brutally direct and amusingly crass woman with no sense of fashion who gives the impression that she could easily storm the castle walls as walk through them. She is not his ideal, but they are running out of time and options and so when she demonstrates her fascinating ability for finding things, he agrees to take her on for their quest. He does not know if he can trust her, however, and so he sends his grandson Rory along with her to keep tight reign on the precious clues they had uncovered. Had he known he was placing his grandson’s life in such extreme jeopardy he would certainly have rethought his decision, but now they are out there, R.J and Rory and all he can do is pray that they find the sword and make it back to England alive.

The Marquis of Canterbury (Edward Allen George Hughes) is the oldest living Marquis at the age of 103 and the grandfather of Lord Ashley’s deceased wife. He is an opinionated, antiquated, bigoted man who values honor and prestige over all else.  He does not like this Runn girl one bit! Not one bit! They need a real antiquities hunter, a strong, tough, intelligent man to find the Sword of Mars, not this Amazonian squaw! His grandson refuses to see reason and accepts this person’s help, gives her private, confidential details of their quest and then just expects her to actually find the sword? The Marquis is sure that she will drink away her fee, as her kind tends to do, and then claim the sword cannot be found. Of course, she did find his daughter’s necklace, which has been lost for over a decade, but that was pure dumb luck. He had allowed his emotions to be swayed by that…that woman, and now she was off in the middle of nowhere with the last remaining heir to the house of Hughes! How could this have happened?


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Planes, Trains and Ancient Assassins- US Print Edition

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Planes, Trains and Ancient Assassins- UK Print Edition


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