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A Far-Off Fairy Tale

In a land not too far away, lived a Prince who was actually just a Duke but all his other family members had been killed in a freak landslide that destroyed the castle, and as the last remaining royal family member left he was promoted to Prince.

This Prince was doing what Princes do, holding court with pretty maidens and being charming, when a courier burst into the palace, which wasn’t actually a palace as that had been destroyed and instead was the nicest house on the hill above the village, and screamed red murder. He couldn’t scream blue murder as there were ladies present and using blue language was frowned upon.

The courier rushed to the Prince who was really a Duke and told of an army of invaders that had broken through their defenses, their defenses being two local farm hands, a baker and a really large seamstress because the kingdom’s army had been washed away in a flash flood just the year before.

The Prince quickly called to arms all available women in the village, as he’d learned over the years that women fought meaner than men when their families were on the line, and quickly donned his royal armor and grabbed his sword.

Upon his mighty steed, which was a camel he had bartered from a traveling Sheik earlier in the year, after all the horses had come down with mad cow disease and had died, and charged with his army into the fray.

He was astonished to find that the invaders were men, women and even some children, and for an invading arming, they were rather cumbersome and slow. Zombies, he realized, what were the odds? It took almost no effort at all to vanquish the first wave, in fact the ladies set up a refreshment stand just behind them where they could have tea and wait for the next couple of invaders to lumber up. The Prince simply lopped off their heads with his sword.

The maidens found other ways to destroy the brains of the zombies, some used tools, some weapons, and one maiden opened her corset and the zombie’s head simply imploded. She was the oldest maiden in the village, a spray one hundred and two.

The Duke Prince was enjoying his second cup of tea and a biscuit when he saw there was only one Zombie left, and it was still half a mile or two away. Feeling generous, and in the mood to be charming, he kissed each of the ladies on the fingers, and sent them home to their husbands, then he started to stroll down towards the oncoming zombie.

It was a beautiful spring day, he thought, as took the time on his walk to smell the flowers and watch a butterfly flitter about the bushes on the side of the road. So intent in his merriment he did not pay attention to where he was going, and when he tripped over something he was forced to look down at his feet.

Bodies, he realized. Hundreds of bodies all strewn along the road, all half eaten and, at the least, mostly dead. Appalled by the sight, he scrambled backwards, felt the crunch of a dead person’s arm and fell onto the road. The Prince who was once a Duke had never seen a real battle, not like this and the carnage shocked and frightened him.

He saw that the lone Zombie was getting closer, so he started to rise to his feet and realized that he had badly wrenched his ankle and lost his sword! He started hobbling back towards his village, calling out for help, but as he had sent all the women home, there was no one to hear him.

Too soon the Zombie was upon him and the Prince who had been a Duke and would now, never be King, cried out as the Zombie grabbed him and sunk his wide, carnivorous mouth into his skull.

The Prince’s brain was made of candy, because after all, this is a fairy-tale. Such a sweet treat for the Zombie that he munched and crunched until he’d eaten the whole thing up. But as he stood, he got a horrible sugar headache.

“Arrrrghhhhhaggrhhhhh,” he growled, which was Zombie for I’ll just walk it off.

So, down the road he went, toward the village that would no doubt have more candied brains. But after a few slumberous steps his tummy twinged. Then it twanged. Then it really started to hurt. He slowed, which for a zombie means he stopped, and dropped down on the ground. He must have eaten something that didn’t agree with him, but he couldn’t think what.

He lifted up his tattered shirt and stared at his protruding stomach, then saw an eyeball staring at him from where his belly button used to be.

“Hello? Anyone out there?” the eyeball asked moving around and around in the zombie’s stomach, trying to get a better view.

“Arrrrggggehhehhggggeeahh?” the Zombie growled which meant who are you and what are you doing in my tummy?

“I’m a Bogeet” the eyeball said. “I’m what you get from eating too much candy.”

“Arrrrggggghhhhhhrggg?” Can you please get out of my tummy, was what the Zombie tried to say.

“I’m trying but this is the only hole I can find and I won’t fit through it. Any suggestions?”

As the Zombie had just eaten a brain he was a little smarter than what he would usually be and thought of a way. He tensed up and let loose an enormous fart that poofed out behind him in pink and yellow puffs.

“Well now!” said the Bogeet, once the candy coloured smoke had cleared and it found itself standing outside of the Zombie’s body. “That is so much better! Thank you very much.”

“Arrrgg.” Welcome, was the Zombie’s response as he stared at the pink, yellow and green striped creature that had one eye, three arms and four legs.

“I bet your tummy feels better, now?”

The Zombie nodded. His stomach ache was gone and he felt so much better. He continued to stare at the Bogeet for a long moment, as if trying to remember what it was. An eaten brain doesn’t last long in the memory of a Zombie so he was unable to recall what he had been doing earlier. He reached over and ate the candy coloured creature. Because that’s just what zombies do.


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February 26, 2018 · 3:27 am

Am I Normal?

I love movies, I’ll watch them over and over, reference them as often as possible in my daily life and am madly in love with several fictional characters, is that a bad thing?

Yes, because we talk about fashion, racism, politics and climate change. No, because we gossip and complain about things that upset and anger us, yet make no real effort to change anything but still expect change to happen. I am aware my movies are not real, and do not expect they will change, so I freely talk about them because they bring me joy and laughter and insight, and helps me live a happier, more focused life.


I believe in faeries and other less noticed creatures.  I watch the sidewalk when I walk to give ants and other bugs the right of way and consider all creatures to have a consciousness, does that make me weird?

Yes, because Humans are the highest intellectual beings on the planet. Everything is beneath us because, we have founded powerful civilizations, built great cities and have exceeded the boundaries of technology in order to make our lives simple, fast and effective. And no, because ants have also created great colonies and civilizations. Spiders create unique and individual webs, more perfect than any snowflake, and beavers build strong and sturdy dams with only their teeth and what they find in nature, and yet the ant does not compare their success to the spider, or the beaver. They do not even compare themselves to other ants. Humans are the only ones that are continuously adamantly and ridiculously comparing our achievements to each other, Our country is better than yours, our people are better than yours. Our success is greater than yours. To consider myself above anyone or anything is not only foolish, it is a discourtesy to all creatures. It takes no effort to avoid stepping on an ant, and don’t we as Humans also get offended when someone pushes us or gets in our way? If we do encounter someone bigger, stronger and more powerful than us, would we not hope that creature was kind and considerate to us lower life forms? Would we not prefer to avoid conflict, injury or death?


I can see two butterflies, an impressively shaped tree, a broken flower, a dragon in the clouds and litter on the sidewalk while others only see their phones, does that mean I’m abnormal?

Yes, because life is far too busy to see anything beyond the goal we are striving for. Who has time to look at a tree or a cloud when we have an eleven thirty meeting with a huge client that could make us lots of money? Who cares about a broken flower when we have only had three hours sleep and still have to pick up the kids from day care before returning to work for another twelve-hour shift? Dedicating our thoughts to frivolous things is a waste of time and energy, in such a frenetic world, one that is currently on the verge of chaos. And still… No, because as busy as I am, as tired as I am I can still manage to find a moment of wonder, a moment of true beauty and a spark of inspiration in such turbulent and depressing surroundings. These moments clear my head, offer me peace and allow me to appreciate all the hard work I do, which gives me the strength to continue through the depression, the monotony and the chaos, until the next butterfly I see or the next cloud animal that rolls by. Life is not all about work and money and trial and tribulations. It is also about finding yourself, experiencing new things and considering ulterior perspectives. Really you should give it a try some time.


The point of all this? This is none, and that is exactly the point. I wrote it because I was inspired to do so. I think it because it is my choice to write a thoughtful piece than a rant about the ills of the world. It is your choice to read it and comment…or not. Which is as it should be. 🙂


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My Brain on the Night Shift

You’ve heard of ‘ This is your brain…this is your brain on drugs?’ Turns out my brain on the Night Shift ain’t so far removed from that fried egg scenario.

There is nothing quite so alarming as going into a bathroom to do one’s business and finding strange, little polyester fluffs INSIDE the crotch of one’s underwear. What follows in an actual account of my reaction!

SSSSCCRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEECCCCHHHHHH (initially I thought it was spiders, you know, creepy, small, dark and in the one place you’re least likely to expect one to be) Luckily, I was in the bathroom so after nearly shitting myself I felt reasonably secure it would not cause an embarrassing catastrophe. I then picked up one of the pieces of dark fluff and thought WTF? How did these cheap, slightly abrasive elements get inside my carefully selected, 100% cotton, form fitting and Doctor approved boxer shorts?

Did they just detach themselves from the materials around my legs and crawl, swim, climb up? Were they just cold and seeking the nearest warmth, or had there been a mighty battle, like for Helm’s Deep, whereupon the few that ended up in my underwear were the only survivors? Was that swishing sound that accompanied my walk not just my enormous thighs but the actual sound of little polyesters dying, or was there something more sinister afoot here?

Were these, seemingly harmless pieces of fluff actually part of an alien race that had decided to integrate themselves into the very ‘fabric’ of our lives in the hope of taking over the planet? (An Alien origin would explain so much about Polyester) Holy crap! Had these little bastards been crawling around in my underwear all this time and I only just now noticed? Was this how little baby polyester uniforms were made? OMG! Am I wearing something that came out of another woman’s vagina? No wonder I got a rash! Sweet Crying  Baby Jesus, am I pregnant???!!

Is this just the beginning of the end for us? Has the New World order actually developed these as a bio-weapon so that we would all end up looking like people from the fifties? Creepy, fluffy, legless parasites that crawl inside your underwear and impregnate you, then wait until you’re in a public area with hundreds of people, before it bursts through your stomach, like Alien, and immediately cover everyone in sight with horrendous polyester suits! Is this the start of the polyester apocalypse in which everyone would have to wear scratchy, unbreathable, UGLY material for the rest of our natural lives?? Lady Gaga! Save us!!! Noooooooooooooooooooooo!


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June 25, 2017 · 11:08 am



R.J. Runn has a special gift for finding things. She works alone and likes it that way, so when a British aristocrat asks her to find the legendary Sword Of Mars, she doesn’t expect to be saddled with his grandson, who never seems to stop talking! Her patience and skills are tested as fate and ancient assassins conspire to keep her from her goal. Can she find the sword and get herself and her new companion back home or will she sacrifice the nobleman to the assassins just to finally have some peace and quiet?


R.J. Runn is an aboriginal woman who lost her only remaining family when she was fifteen to a suspicious death. She lives alone, eats alone, travels alone and she works when she wants to and with whom she wants to. There is no room in her life for relationships because she has learned that those who get close to her tend to either betray her or die. With such a grievous past, it’s no wonder that she also prefers to work alone.  R.J. hides her unique tri- coloured eyes behind dark glasses, for she has learned that they make others uncomfortable, and those glasses also help her keep her distance from anyone who choses to get too close.

R.J. has a special gift for finding things. She’s used her special ability to help people find items that were lost days, weeks, and in some cases, centuries ago.  It is not a super power, however, and she does need some details in order to be directed to the area with the item was lost. So when she finds herself taking a case to find an ancient sword once owned by Attila the Hun she expects it to take a little more time than a lost wedding ring or the neighbor’s cat. No one could predict that she would end up crashing into a mountain, chased by ninjas and even trapped in a cage with a live, angry tiger! This hunt has turned out to be far more dangerous than she had expected and not only does she need to scramble constantly to save her own skin, she also has to make sure that the British Aristocrat who insisted on coming with her also makes it home in one piece!

Rory Dodge is the grandson of a British Lord and has lived a privileged and often secluded life.  He is an outgoing, well mannered young man, and his passion for his ancestors allowed him to peruse several degrees in history and ancient civilizations, he also speaks several languages. Having lost his parents when he was very young, he was raised by his grandfather, Lord Ashley, who raised him a proper young nobleman to be his heir. Rory understands the responsibilities of his grandfather’s title, however he also craves a departure from his restrictive upbringing and constant schooling. He craves excitement and adventure, and he believes he has found an avenue to explore such things when he meets the beautiful relic hunter his grandfather has hired to find the Sword of Mars. R.J. Runn is confident, deliberate and mistrustful of others. She seems unimpressed by titles or wealth and has the most extraordinary eyes he has ever seen. R.J. is unlike any woman he has ever met and Rory is immediately fascinated by her.

So when his grandfather convinces her to work for them, Rory is added to the deal as her companion. R.J. is not happy and Rory can’t blame her, however they have their own secrets to keep and goals to make and so eventually he persuades her to take him along, despite her warnings that it could be dangerous. He is sure that the adventure for the sword will be fun and exciting, but instead it turns into a life and death struggle for both of them. Now he must prove to R.J. and himself that taking him along wasn’t a mistake, and keep them both alive long enough to finish their quest.

Lord Thomas Ashley is a British Lord who raised his grandson from a young age after his daughter and son-in-law are killed. He is a Spaniard who married into English nobility, so he knows better than to judge a book by it’s cover. As a member of an ancient society to find and preserve powerful artifacts, he has his reservations about the female relic hunter that was recommended to them to help find the Sword of Mars. She is a bold, brutally direct and amusingly crass woman with no sense of fashion who gives the impression that she could easily storm the castle walls as walk through them. She is not his ideal, but they are running out of time and options and so when she demonstrates her fascinating ability for finding things, he agrees to take her on for their quest. He does not know if he can trust her, however, and so he sends his grandson Rory along with her to keep tight reign on the precious clues they had uncovered. Had he known he was placing his grandson’s life in such extreme jeopardy he would certainly have rethought his decision, but now they are out there, R.J and Rory and all he can do is pray that they find the sword and make it back to England alive.

The Marquis of Canterbury (Edward Allen George Hughes) is the oldest living Marquis at the age of 103 and the grandfather of Lord Ashley’s deceased wife. He is an opinionated, antiquated, bigoted man who values honor and prestige over all else.  He does not like this Runn girl one bit! Not one bit! They need a real antiquities hunter, a strong, tough, intelligent man to find the Sword of Mars, not this Amazonian squaw! His grandson refuses to see reason and accepts this person’s help, gives her private, confidential details of their quest and then just expects her to actually find the sword? The Marquis is sure that she will drink away her fee, as her kind tends to do, and then claim the sword cannot be found. Of course, she did find his daughter’s necklace, which has been lost for over a decade, but that was pure dumb luck. He had allowed his emotions to be swayed by that…that woman, and now she was off in the middle of nowhere with the last remaining heir to the house of Hughes! How could this have happened?


To purchase this book on Amazon, please click on the links below.

Planes, Trains and Ancient Assassins- Canadian Print Edition

Planes, Trains and Ancient Assassins- Canadian Kindle Edition

Planes, Trains and Ancient Assassins- US Kindle Edition

Planes, Trains and Ancient Assassins- US Print Edition

Planes, Trains and Ancient Assassins- UK Kindle Edition

Planes, Trains and Ancient Assassins- UK Print Edition


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October 24, 2016 · 4:03 am

What Do You Believe In- God, Angels or Demons?

People tease me sometimes because of the things I believe in and so I thought I’d write a little something about what people, (myself included) believe.

Many people believe in God, Angels and Heaven and Hell and they are not teased about it.  Some are devout in their beliefs, praying every day and believing that no matter what tragedy befalls them, it is God’s will that such things happen and that they will be rewarded in the Kingdom of Heaven. They say they believe in the words of God, in the teachings of their faith and will disavow any suggestion that they feel otherwise.

I grew up as a Roman Catholic, but also had friends that were Jehovah Witness, Jewish and many other faiths. I don’t have a problem with anyone having faith in something higher, or leaving their lives and circumstances up to God. If that is what gets them through, helps them find Peace and Happiness, of course it should be accepted.  However, it makes no sense to me that people who claim to believe in God, or the scriptures or the prophets can act the way so many of them do. Those who use their faith as a way to hurt people and wage war and propagate the hatred of others through the words of their religion believe in only one thing. Themselves, and the fear and power they can create or gain by using the words of religion.

I believe in God, though not in the form that everyone else does.  I believe in the true word that we are all brothers and sisters and should treat each other accordingly, not through the words of Christ, but for the simple civility of Humanity. I don’t understand why people insist on treating others badly. I don’t ‘get’ the obsession with money and power and position and fame. I have no desire to rob someone of what they earned, or lie about someone to get a promotion over them. I have zero interest in being on a reality TV show or having my face or actions splashed all over You Tube with something that has gone ‘viral’.

As for Angels and Demons, I believe they do not reside in Heaven or some otherworldly plane, but instead live here among us.  The Angels are the people who show kindness and compassion to others. The men and women and sometimes even children who every day save lives by picking up the phone or some miraculously heroic act. They are the soldiers who despite all odds continue to fight for our freedom. They are the nurses who live their lives healing us and giving us their time, skill and energy.

Unfortunately, the Demons are here too, along with the Devils and the monsters and all the other evil things you can think of. Murderers, rapists, child molesters- is this who you think I’m speaking of? Well, they certainly can be categorized as monsters, but not Demons. The Demons are the rich and powerful people who live so far above us that we cannot even comprehend their existence, which is also shrouded in mysteries, lies and conspiracies.

The Demons who take our money under the pretense of guiding us to financial freedom. The Demons who lie to us about who they are so they can gain political power. The Demons who demand we pay them money for our old age, then when we reach retirement they say there is no money left, so we have to sell off all we own to live or just keep working until we die. The Demons who manipulate the stock exchange, the oil prices and the banks to devalue our money, or homes and our lives. You know some of them too, don’t you? You’ve seen the Demons plastered all over TV and on billboards, those who dare to show their faces, who pretend to be generous and giving and perfectly normal, but they’re not. We will never see behind their masks to the true form beneath.

Unfortunately, these kinds of Demons who hide in plain sight cannot be ousted by the Angel Gabriel or any other good entity, because we are not willing to see the truth. We are not willing to take a stand against the Demons because it is so much easier and convenient to just take it up the ass and let them control our lives. If they looked like the Demons we feared we would fight. If they acted the way we expect Demons to act, we would rise up. But they don’t and so we don’t. They lie and we accept their lies as truth. They’re pretty, they’re normal, and so we won’t bother them with our silly ideals.

It is only a matter of time before the place we call Earth becomes the Hell we are all so afraid of. But it’s okay, The Demons will still let you have your conveniences, and it will only cost you your soul.

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October 17, 2016 · 10:05 pm

Friendship-I call Bullshit

My father once said that I do not have a selfish bone in my body, so perhaps I need a transplant to get a few in. I have always put others before myself. I have always done what others wanted to do, or worked to make others happy. I always heeded to another person’s schedule, sometimes even rearranging my own to make it fit so that I can spend time with them. I have always tried to be the comic relief for those that are stressed and the sensitive ear to those who’s hearts are bleeding, but no longer. No one is there to cheer me up, or pull me out of the pit of despair.

I am not a selfish person, but I am about to be. I lasted almost 6 years being 7th priority to my boyfriend, after his son, his mother, hockey, golf, his job and his ex wife. I find that I am even further down the list with the people that I call friends. I spent a lot of this day realizing, as I spent another weekend alone, that I am always the one to call and suggest a get together. I am always the one who texts first, or is left chasing after the attention of someone else.

In the last year, do you know how many invitations I have received from my friends to get together? And I am not talking about the mass invite to an event that I can’t get to because it is out of the GTA, or for a product party, I’m talking about actual; invitations for me and that other person to get together, see a movie, play some cards, have a good laugh… None. 0. Zip.

Do you know how many invitations I have made to others in the last year or so for the same reason? Dozens upon Dozens. Do you know how many accepted? 0. Zip. Ziltch. The reasons are all the same. Their work schedule is crazy. Their home schedule is crazy. They’re out of town. They’ve got too much going on….and then I see all the lovely updates of them out on the town having dinner, at a party, at a movie or whatever with their ‘other’ friends. All things that I wasn’t even considered for.

I began to realize that my friends didn’t really think about me all became most apparent when my friend married a few years ago. I was the one that got her and her husband together. I had them over to our house multiple times, helped them move and any manner of other things. When they got engaged, we were the last to know. When they got married, she had eight…eight bridesmaids, and I was not one of them. I was not even considered, though I had known her for several long years and considered us close friends, the only thing she asked me to do for her big day was a three minute reading, and that was last minute and mostly, I suspect, out of guilt.

My definition of friend obviously does not coincide with everyone else’s definition. A friend makes the time to get together with you after a month or two has gone by and they have not seen you. They don’t wait until you call or message and then beg off and claim they are too busy. A friend will check in on you now and then, with a call or a text or a message, just to see how you are doing, not wait for you to send a witty text and respond three days later with a simple ‘lol.

With the exception of my sister, who is also insanely busy with work and family and life, and my best friend who is in another province so we cannot see each other, I have seen only two of my friends, once in the past twelve months, and as always, I had to go to them and our time together consisted of a quick meal then they had to go again because they are busy, busy, busy.

Even my extended family wished nothing to do with me, the last few times I was home. I advised I was coming and with the exception of my Aunt, no one asked me to come for a visit or said they wanted to see me, but when my sisters or cousins go home, everyone makes the effort to get together with them. And people wonder why I have low self esteem? This is why. Actions speak louder than words, and the actions are that I am not wanted or welcomed.

When I deleted my face book account over three weeks ago, only a few asked for my contact information, and so far none of them have actually contacted me. Friendship is a two way street, and I am tired of being the only hitch hiker on a One Way going the wrong way.

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March 18, 2016 · 9:51 am


‘A Dutch company is establishing a human colony on Mars.  The non-profit organization, Mars One, will send a crew to the Red Planet in 2016 – and because there will be major changes in the human body after a stay on Mars, there’d be no coming back.  You have to say goodbye to Earth.’

When I first heard this I thought, well good for them. My second thought was…they’re all gonna die. A pessimist you say, not really, just a hunch. I’ve never been to Mars, and the only review I can give it is what I have seen from movies like Total Recall. And yet…I’ve always felt there is something sinister about the Red Planet.

Perhaps I am over reacting. It’s possible, I have done before, but the fact that this planet, for whatever reason, is ‘supposedly’ completely devoid of life, makes me ponder whether or not we should put life back on it.

Scientists claim that Mars is very much like Earth at an earlier age, so perhaps a more advanced (and equally stupid) species made the same mistakes we are making. They used up all the natural resources, which destroyed the ozone and residual atmosphere so that what is left is a near lifeless planet. Or, perhaps there had been a plague of some kind, or a catastrophic disaster that happened to Mars to wipe out all life, as it almost did with us when the KT asteroid hit Earth over 65 million years ago.

A world war could have done it as well, and who is to say that the beings that lived on Mars didn’t also have such advanced weaponry that when the war broke out they simply blew themselves and everything else to atoms and the planet is just starting to recover? Could be the only indigenous species that remain are bug like creatures such as those found on City Alpha Five, which crawl into your ears and make your brain bleed? Yuck. Not something I’m interested in trying.


‘The atmosphere of Mars is less than 1% of Earth’s, so it does not protect the planet from the Sun’s radiation nor does it do much to retain heat at the surface. It consists of 95% carbon dioxide, 3% nitrogen, 1.6% argon, and the remainder is trace amounts of oxygen, water vapor, and other gases. Also, it is constantly filled with small particles of dust(mainly iron oxide), which give Mars its reddish hue.

So, assuming that we do set up a colony on Mars there would have to be a great deal of terraforming  done in order for Humans to survive there. We would need shelters that would protect us from the radiation of the sun, artificial green houses to grow crops, as the surface of the planet is too harsh to sustain them. There would also be no meat available, other than what we bring from Earth, so we have to assume that a space would need to be carved out for farm animals as well. Seems a lot of work and expense just to move to a planet you can never physically set foot outside without radiation and gravity suits to protect you. And did I mention the large pockets of methane gas found on Mars? If a colony is built too close to one, well, the eruption would have be ten times that of Mt. Vesuvius. What would happen if the new colony was suddenly completely left to the elements and lack of atmosphere? Not a pretty death, I would imagine.


The point is, we really know very little about the planet still, and any colony that goes up there is really taking its chances. I approve of the idea of space exploration, it would be fascinating to go where no one has gone before, and I’d be the first on board the shuttle if I thought there was a Spock out there waiting for me, but let’s not put the horse before the cart here. We can barely take care of ourselves as a race, let’s not throw ourselves out there to be a burden to beings that may or may not be more advanced. All most people care about these days is the newest technology and convenience, they have no concern how they actually get it or what the consequences of that technology and convenience is to our planet. They don’t consider anything but what makes their lives happier and easier. Humans going into space at a time like this, even if only to Mars,  would be like throwing a toddler into Wall Street and expecting him to make money. We should not be considering colony’s or Space travel just as means to escape a planet that is dying because we simply don’t care about it anymore. It only proves we are not mature enough for such a step.

So now people will run away to Mars, and a planet that is similar but not as hospitable as Earth, to suffer the same horrible fate of over use and destruction. Assuming that the alien’s don’t eat us first. Well, if you won’t believe me, why not get a second opinion- from a Doctor.


Live Long and Prosper

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March 12, 2014 · 12:12 am

A Rose In The Window




Today I saw a yellow rose

Inside a bakery shop

The bloom was wide and full of life

I could not help but stop

It floated there inside a bowl

At ease in its confines

I wondered why the rose was here

And no longer on the vine


 To the counter I did walk

To make my query known

‘It’s for a special lady

I was told in a sad and gentle tone

‘She came in every morning

And ordered just one thing

Tea with a touch of lemon

Then she’d stand outside and sing


I think she used to be someone

A long, long time ago

But she had no home to speak of

No where else that she could go

And every morning for the last ten years

She’d be here to have her tea

Then sing outside the entire day

Until we closed, you see


She passed away just last eve

Outside our little shop

She had been singing loud and clear

And then suddenly she stopped

It was a shock, I’d have to say

And seems a rotten waste

But she passed away real peaceful like

With a smile upon her face


So we’ve put a rose in the window there

By where she always stood

And we’ll keep one there to remember her

For she was honest, kind and good

And for everyone who wonders

About that single rose

I’ll gladly the story

Of a person we all should know


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Oh Great Creator

I come before you in a humble manner

And offer this sacred tobacco

With tears in my eyes and an ancient song

From my heart I pray

To the four powers of Creation

 To the Grandfather Sun

To the Grandmother Moon

To the Mother Earth

And to my Ancestors

I pray for my relations in nature

All those who walk, crawl, fly and swim

Seen and unseen

To the good spirits that exist in every part of Creation

I ask that you bless our elders and children

Family and friends and the brothers

 And  the sisters who are in prison

I pray for the ones who are sick

And for those who are homeless and forlorn.

I also pray for peace among all races of human kind

May there be good health and healing for this Earth,

May there be beauty above me

May there be beauty below me

May there be Beauty within me

May there be beauty around me

I ask that this world be filled

With Peace, Love, and Beauty



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Last night I went to dinner at a friend’s house and she asked if I would be offended if they said grace over the meal. I found this odd, as it was their house, not mine, but then I realized that when I  tell people that I am a recovering Catholic, they often associate that with being against God and religion, which I am not.

It got me thinking about how much pressure we put on ourselves and others to be non-offensive.  I am not a politically correct person, I admit this freely, but nor does this mean that I am raciest, sexist or bigot. I am who I was born to be based on, or perhaps in spite, of the environment and times in which I was raised. I have always thought for myself, even when I was advised not to (Thus the ‘recovering Catholic’ bit).  I rejected the overwhelming limitations that religion tried to place on me in childhood, but that does not mean that I am against God, anymore than it means when I describe someone as white, black, brown or Asian makes me a racist. I am giving a description, not making a judgement.

I am a short mixed breed Canadian, few people nowadays are thoroughbreds, and I have no problem discussing my ancestors or referring to them. If someone calls me a midget, while it is not flattering or technically correct, it is their term of description for a short person. If someone calls me a half-breed, well, I am. I’m more of a mutt really, much more than just the sum of two races, and I am fine with that. It is what I am and I am not ashamed of it.

We have been given freedom of speech, yet we are all afraid to speak. We have been given freedom of religion, yet we are being told we cannot pray. And we have all worked hard over the centuries to keep certain traditions alive that relate to our heritage, most of which are quickly dying away because people worry they might offend those that do not partake in such traditions.

While I may seem against all religion, I am really just against the limitations it leaves us. I have no quarrel with someone who is religious, my quarrel is when you chose to push your religion on others, rather than just discuss and allow someone to make an informed decision that is right for them.  I am not religious, but I am spiritual. I do not have beliefs, but I have faith.  While I may not agree that Jesus, Mohammed, Abraham or Moses were  vessels of God, I will concur they were spiritual leaders.

I do not need to go to church or a temple to pray, I simply say what is on my mind at that given time and have faith that I am being heard. I do not give my money to organized religious leaders in an attempt to reserve my place in a celestial and spiritual afterlife; I am busy concentrating on doing what I was sent to Earth to do. And most of all, I do not believe that that I am doomed for an eternal Hell because I do not read the bible or go to church. If Hell exists, and I am still open to the idea, I believe the Devil, whoever and whatever it may be, knows the ones that deserve such distinction and will make that judgement when it comes. It will not be made by a priest, a minister, or a rabbi, a Pope, or based on a book that was written thousands of years ago, translated from numerous different languages, and edited by a Power hungry king.

This does not mean I do not respect those that do believe in all the things mentioned above, nor is it meant to slight anyone’s beliefs, it is all simply a statement of how I feel, and I have a right to those feelings. People may take offense, people will take offense. People need to get over it and be content with themselves instead of worrying so much over what others think of them.

We are not here to judge one another. We are not here step over each other, or to cast someone aside because it may seem politically correct to champion them. It easier to slight than to fight for your neighbor.  It is easier to rally a mob and cast blame, than it is to gather a team to right an injustice. And it is easier to sit back and enjoy your cell phones, your  IPads, your fancy cars and your fossil fuels, than to be inconvenienced by trying to save the planet.

Humans like things easy, and perhaps that is our biggest fault. But, again, I am only one person. I am one who will continue to speak her mind and have faith in those things that lend her support. And, as always, I will continue to hope that one day our race will mature into the people we were meant to be, rather than just those who we want to be.

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November 4, 2013 · 3:36 am