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Stand for Standing Rock

Oh Great Spirit of our ancestors

We come before You and Grandmother Moon and Grandfather Sun

With the offering of love, prayer and sacred tobacco

And with the smouldering of sage and sweet grass that Mother Earth provides

With peace in our hearts and desperation in our souls

We ask that you judge not the men who prosecute, defame and attack us

We ask not that you bring your wrath down upon those who wish to do us harm

We ask only that you reach into their hearts and offer them the blessings you give us

Peace for others and true understanding and respect of Mother Earth

We ask that you help them to see beyond their politics, lust for power and avarice

So that they might understand the consequences of their actions

We ask that you take what you must from us to make Mother Earth strong enough

To defeat Her enemies, to survive this great threat to all creatures who live within Her bosom

Allow them to hear the sweet song of the wind and feel the true blessings of what lays beneath them

We ask for all who stand against oppression and annihilation to show your support

Come be with us to make history , for if we do not stand, history may no longer be written

We are the people of the Earth. You are the people of the Earth.

Fight with us. Pray with us. Stand with us at Standing Rock



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December 15, 2016 · 4:42 pm

Voices Of Our Sisters

Voices of Our Sisters

We Are Only Who We Are, What We Are

We Have Never Asked For More

  Than What Any Of You Would Ask

And still, We Rest Alone

Where Is The Justice?

Where Are Our Rights?

We Once Danced With Laughter

Wrapped In Colour Supported By Flame

Now There Is Only Darkness

Now There Is Only Cold

Why Don’t They Cry For Us

Why Have We Been Forgotten?

This Is Not What Should Have Been

We Had So Much To Say, So Much To Do

Why Was This Taken From Us

Why Does No One Care?

Why Have We Been Forsaken?

We Cannot Rest

Always Walking

Always Running

A Never Ending Journey To An Unknown Place

Searching For Light

Searching For Warmth

Crying For Justice

Until Then…

We Shall Just Keep Walking

Hundreds of  indigenous women have been murdered or gone missing across Canada since 1980 and remain, to this day, unsolved or open cases that the authorities have neglected to investigate.  In 2016 CBS launched an investigation of 34 of those cases, where police claim there has been no foul play. (for full details visit the CBC link below) Please- lend your voice to this cause by getting involved and forcing authorities and governments to stop treating these missing and murdered women as an invisible statistic.


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September 28, 2016 · 1:20 am

Mother’s Day



I thought I caught your scent today

As I walked among the trees

Was it the smell of budding flowers

Trying hard to tease?

But then I heard your laughter

And I turned in such a whirl

To find a pretty lady playing with her little girl.

And so I did continue, along my chosen path

And missed you with all that’s in me

As I thought of the talks we’ll never have

I wish you were still with us

but it’s not for me to say

Now’s the time I seem most to dread

It will soon be Mother’s Day


The mornings come so early

And it won’t do to lay about

I can almost hear your scolding

Get up, you lazy thing, get out!

So with heavy heart I start my day

Going where I don’t want to be

Feeling so utterly wretched

and trying not to let anyone see

Among the towers of cement and glass

I trudge along my way

When a gentle breeze caresses me

And It’s suddenly a brighter day

I’ve caught your scent again, you see

and I know it’s no budding rose

I can feel you’re right here with me

So I’ve forgotten my earlier woes

I tell you of all that has happened

Of all my fears and of doubts

You listen so very patiently

and your love for me shines throughout

You tell me not to be so sad

For you are never far away

But that I will always have you with me

For each and Every Mother’s Day.



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May 8, 2014 · 1:13 am


Walk by my side

Put your hand in mine

Together we shall make

a love that is so fine

Tell me your dreams

All your hopes and fears

Holding you so closely

Makes my life so clear

Watching each new discovery

As I see within your eyes

Gives our love perspective

In the sharing of our lives

You’re my shadow in the sunshine

I’m your cover in the rain

You’re my everlasting life line

You claim I ease your pain

Together we shall flourish

Two hearts becoming one

With Angels singing chorus

Our love cannot be undone

Now you’re far away from me

across a never ending sea

I dream of having you hold me tight

The way it used to be

And loving you throughout the night

And setting our spirits free

The days all seem so short

Yet the nights unbearably long

Missing you is all I do

That’s why I write this song

You’re my shadow in the sunshine

I’m your cover in the rain

You’re my everlasting life line

You claim I ease your pain

Together we shall flourish

Two hearts becoming one

With Angels singing chorus

Our love cannot be undone

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November 18, 2013 · 1:45 am


A man and woman lay dormant

nestled beneath satin sheets

The man, he sleeps so soundly

while around him the Devil creeps

Into his wife’s deep slumber

ripping her into the past

giving her visions of comrades

making her heart beat too fast

She hears the screaming penance

of friends that are long since dead

While fires glow all around her

and explosions sound in her head

Her soul tears at the sound of their agony

Her heart stills at the dying of boys

Their dead eyes haunt her in day dreams

She can no longer feel love or Joy

In her fist she feels the weight of her weapon

pulled every tightly against her breast

She is prepared for the Demon’s arrival

And will fight such Eternal Rest

But then the man finally awakens

disturbed by his wife’s mournful screams

He reaches out and he takes her

Attempting to push away the dreams

Speaking ever so softly the few words

 she so desperately from him needs

Using his love as a shielding

as within him his heart does bleed

He feels so much frustration

for the woman he loves so deep

knowing he can’t defeat the demons

that haunt her in her sleep

He promises to never leave her

      He will always be her man

Despite the war that maimed her

 and left her quaking in his hands

      A  price he feels is to high for anyone

to pay for the honor of their land.

 Lest We Forget.


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One day upon the mountain

Of heaven’s highest peak

St. Jude climbed up toward GOD

And insisted that they speak

The world has people dying

Of those who have lost hope

There is no one to show them

No one to help them cope.

And so, said Jude, a request I have

I believe You’ll think it true

To send my brightest Angel

So that Hope may be renewed

GOD agreed that very day

And to Earth, Jude’s Angel came

A babe was born, a fine strong girl

And Sharon was her name.

She would not stand for foolishness

She would not stand for pride

Instead she showed all whom she met

Of the Hope that lived inside.

She spent her years with people

The dying and the sick

And if you dared incur her wrath

She’d give you such a kick!

While her will was hard, her heart was soft

There was nothing she wouldn’t do

For someone whom she cared for, or one she barely knew

We all have learned her lessons

Learned to Love and learned to Hope

She taught us all to live each day

She taught us all to cope

Yesterday upon the mountain

Of Heaven’s Highest Peak

God called upon His dear friend Jude

And said, It’s time we speak

I worry for your Angel

She has done her level best

But she is very tired now

She must come home and rest

St. Jude shed tears of happiness

For he had missed her so

So he sent out other Angels

To help her loved one’s let her go

While there is still great sadness

And our grief is still quite fresh

There is no mistaken that Jude’s Angel

Does indeed deserve the rest

To dear Dow or Sharon, or Sergeant Major if you fussed

We wish you love, we wish you joy

And pray you’ll still watch over us


(For my aunt . She will never be forgotten.)

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She remembers a past

Unlike any other

A Mother and Dad,

sisters and brothers

She holds tightly to

Her now shattered dreams

But no one can hear

her silent screams

A void of darkness moments in life

Pass through her eyes

in a moment of strife

Whispering voices sound in her head

All that she knew

is suddenly dead.

She wanders alone in the square

With no sense of time

Speaking to people

As they witness her crimes

She’s not just a beggar

For sure she’s no thief

She’s just an old woman

Who’s home is their street

No roof over her head

No bed to lay in

She’s looked upon like rubbish

Or some kind of sin


I watch as she walks {Lady Liberty}

The road in my way

And my mind tries to wander

to happier days

A daydreamer’s bliss

Is all that she owns

{Lady Liberty} Woman of stone

Alone in her ways

With no passage back home

Her face haunts my dreams

Her battles becomes my plight

Yet she has the courage

To stand in the light

Lady Liberty, If I take you home

Would you share just a piece

Of that courage you’ve shown.



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Ever see a sunrise, and wonder why it’s there?
Ever hear an Eagle’s cry, as it glides upon the air?
Never did you contemplate the ocean as it rose?
Climbing higher upon the rocks
To strike an impressive pose?

Ever see a Redwood Tree and marvel at it’s height?
Ever let a man be free, or join him in his fight?
Ever have you heard the screams and not pick up the phone?
Have you ever lit a candle, for the death of an unknown?
Do you sometimes fear death, or simply live in fear?
Have you ever seen a sunrise, and wonder why it’s there?

Ever feel the outrage at a woman raped and ignored?
When she is marked as guilty for the clothes she wore?
Do you see her as a victim, or do you see her as a whore?

If doubted will you stagger, or fight to stand your ground?
In a choir of injustice, will you lend to them your sounds?
Ever see a sunrise and wonder why it’s there?
Will you answer all of this- and show the world you care?

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I watch the thin, white curtains of my bedroom window rise and fall, with the breath of the cool night air. Outside I can hear a dog barking and the occasional rustle of leaves; as they dance across our concrete drive. There is a train in the far off distance, the sound building to a force of great urgency, then gently dying off as the tragedy passes. All is quiet once more; save for the wind.

If you are patient and you listen very carefully, you may hear the sounds of passing souls, as they ride along the intricate waves of wind in an attempt to deal with their own deaths. The air itself has a feel all its own; rising to a tremendous battle, then falling to a low crawl of defeat.

Oh, but were I the wind…Were I the messenger of promises to keep, things to come, or devils to fear. I can almost feel its caress at the base of my neck. It teases my hair and causes Goosebumps to appear against my skin, then filters silently out through the mesh screen of the window. How I wish I could understand all that you could tell me.

The darkness outside my window fights to hide the things it does create. My fear of the everlasting darkness does not quell my fascination for its never ending void. There are so many secrets it must hold; anything can happen in the pitch black of night. Though many are wise to close their doors and shutters against the threat, I feel the need to breathe the air and contemplate my one true fear. I wonder if this will be the night?

The wind is increasing, howling through my small room at will now. It has suddenly turned cold, yet as I reach to close my window, I cannot. My lone candle flickers and dances its final dance, leaving me in strict darkness. My eyes adjust, seemingly easily, to the ebony that surrounds me as the wind calls to me, but I shall not answer. My fear has robbed me of my voice. It shall be soon, and I believe I am ready.

He appears in my room, from nowhere, draped in a long cloak of shimmering darkness. He holds no relative form, yet I know that He is there. He whispers to me, his voice the very wind that earlier caressed me. I am at ease, as He pulls his cloak around me, but I feel a sudden tightness and grow fearful.

Then, as gently as a feather’s fall, I am free. There is no pain, no sorrow, only pleasure and light, as we begin our journey into the night. I glance back upon my prone body, which I no longer require. I shall miss what it represents.

(For the victims of Cancer and AIDS.)


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