Am I Normal?

I love movies, I’ll watch them over and over, reference them as often as possible in my daily life and am madly in love with several fictional characters, is that a bad thing?

Yes, because we talk about fashion, racism, politics and climate change. No, because we gossip and complain about things that upset and anger us, yet make no real effort to change anything but still expect change to happen. I am aware my movies are not real, and do not expect they will change, so I freely talk about them because they bring me joy and laughter and insight, and helps me live a happier, more focused life.


I believe in faeries and other less noticed creatures.  I watch the sidewalk when I walk to give ants and other bugs the right of way and consider all creatures to have a consciousness, does that make me weird?

Yes, because Humans are the highest intellectual beings on the planet. Everything is beneath us because, we have founded powerful civilizations, built great cities and have exceeded the boundaries of technology in order to make our lives simple, fast and effective. And no, because ants have also created great colonies and civilizations. Spiders create unique and individual webs, more perfect than any snowflake, and beavers build strong and sturdy dams with only their teeth and what they find in nature, and yet the ant does not compare their success to the spider, or the beaver. They do not even compare themselves to other ants. Humans are the only ones that are continuously adamantly and ridiculously comparing our achievements to each other, Our country is better than yours, our people are better than yours. Our success is greater than yours. To consider myself above anyone or anything is not only foolish, it is a discourtesy to all creatures. It takes no effort to avoid stepping on an ant, and don’t we as Humans also get offended when someone pushes us or gets in our way? If we do encounter someone bigger, stronger and more powerful than us, would we not hope that creature was kind and considerate to us lower life forms? Would we not prefer to avoid conflict, injury or death?


I can see two butterflies, an impressively shaped tree, a broken flower, a dragon in the clouds and litter on the sidewalk while others only see their phones, does that mean I’m abnormal?

Yes, because life is far too busy to see anything beyond the goal we are striving for. Who has time to look at a tree or a cloud when we have an eleven thirty meeting with a huge client that could make us lots of money? Who cares about a broken flower when we have only had three hours sleep and still have to pick up the kids from day care before returning to work for another twelve-hour shift? Dedicating our thoughts to frivolous things is a waste of time and energy, in such a frenetic world, one that is currently on the verge of chaos. And still… No, because as busy as I am, as tired as I am I can still manage to find a moment of wonder, a moment of true beauty and a spark of inspiration in such turbulent and depressing surroundings. These moments clear my head, offer me peace and allow me to appreciate all the hard work I do, which gives me the strength to continue through the depression, the monotony and the chaos, until the next butterfly I see or the next cloud animal that rolls by. Life is not all about work and money and trial and tribulations. It is also about finding yourself, experiencing new things and considering ulterior perspectives. Really you should give it a try some time.


The point of all this? This is none, and that is exactly the point. I wrote it because I was inspired to do so. I think it because it is my choice to write a thoughtful piece than a rant about the ills of the world. It is your choice to read it and comment…or not. Which is as it should be. 🙂



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