Stand for Standing Rock

Oh Great Spirit of our ancestors

We come before You and Grandmother Moon and Grandfather Sun

With the offering of love, prayer and sacred tobacco

And with the smouldering of sage and sweet grass that Mother Earth provides

With peace in our hearts and desperation in our souls

We ask that you judge not the men who prosecute, defame and attack us

We ask not that you bring your wrath down upon those who wish to do us harm

We ask only that you reach into their hearts and offer them the blessings you give us

Peace for others and true understanding and respect of Mother Earth

We ask that you help them to see beyond their politics, lust for power and avarice

So that they might understand the consequences of their actions

We ask that you take what you must from us to make Mother Earth strong enough

To defeat Her enemies, to survive this great threat to all creatures who live within Her bosom

Allow them to hear the sweet song of the wind and feel the true blessings of what lays beneath them

We ask for all who stand against oppression and annihilation to show your support

Come be with us to make history , for if we do not stand, history may no longer be written

We are the people of the Earth. You are the people of the Earth.

Fight with us. Pray with us. Stand with us at Standing Rock




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December 15, 2016 · 4:42 pm

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