What Do You Believe In- God, Angels or Demons?

People tease me sometimes because of the things I believe in and so I thought I’d write a little something about what people, (myself included) believe.

Many people believe in God, Angels and Heaven and Hell and they are not teased about it.  Some are devout in their beliefs, praying every day and believing that no matter what tragedy befalls them, it is God’s will that such things happen and that they will be rewarded in the Kingdom of Heaven. They say they believe in the words of God, in the teachings of their faith and will disavow any suggestion that they feel otherwise.

I grew up as a Roman Catholic, but also had friends that were Jehovah Witness, Jewish and many other faiths. I don’t have a problem with anyone having faith in something higher, or leaving their lives and circumstances up to God. If that is what gets them through, helps them find Peace and Happiness, of course it should be accepted.  However, it makes no sense to me that people who claim to believe in God, or the scriptures or the prophets can act the way so many of them do. Those who use their faith as a way to hurt people and wage war and propagate the hatred of others through the words of their religion believe in only one thing. Themselves, and the fear and power they can create or gain by using the words of religion.

I believe in God, though not in the form that everyone else does.  I believe in the true word that we are all brothers and sisters and should treat each other accordingly, not through the words of Christ, but for the simple civility of Humanity. I don’t understand why people insist on treating others badly. I don’t ‘get’ the obsession with money and power and position and fame. I have no desire to rob someone of what they earned, or lie about someone to get a promotion over them. I have zero interest in being on a reality TV show or having my face or actions splashed all over You Tube with something that has gone ‘viral’.

As for Angels and Demons, I believe they do not reside in Heaven or some otherworldly plane, but instead live here among us.  The Angels are the people who show kindness and compassion to others. The men and women and sometimes even children who every day save lives by picking up the phone or some miraculously heroic act. They are the soldiers who despite all odds continue to fight for our freedom. They are the nurses who live their lives healing us and giving us their time, skill and energy.

Unfortunately, the Demons are here too, along with the Devils and the monsters and all the other evil things you can think of. Murderers, rapists, child molesters- is this who you think I’m speaking of? Well, they certainly can be categorized as monsters, but not Demons. The Demons are the rich and powerful people who live so far above us that we cannot even comprehend their existence, which is also shrouded in mysteries, lies and conspiracies.

The Demons who take our money under the pretense of guiding us to financial freedom. The Demons who lie to us about who they are so they can gain political power. The Demons who demand we pay them money for our old age, then when we reach retirement they say there is no money left, so we have to sell off all we own to live or just keep working until we die. The Demons who manipulate the stock exchange, the oil prices and the banks to devalue our money, or homes and our lives. You know some of them too, don’t you? You’ve seen the Demons plastered all over TV and on billboards, those who dare to show their faces, who pretend to be generous and giving and perfectly normal, but they’re not. We will never see behind their masks to the true form beneath.

Unfortunately, these kinds of Demons who hide in plain sight cannot be ousted by the Angel Gabriel or any other good entity, because we are not willing to see the truth. We are not willing to take a stand against the Demons because it is so much easier and convenient to just take it up the ass and let them control our lives. If they looked like the Demons we feared we would fight. If they acted the way we expect Demons to act, we would rise up. But they don’t and so we don’t. They lie and we accept their lies as truth. They’re pretty, they’re normal, and so we won’t bother them with our silly ideals.

It is only a matter of time before the place we call Earth becomes the Hell we are all so afraid of. But it’s okay, The Demons will still let you have your conveniences, and it will only cost you your soul.


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October 17, 2016 · 10:05 pm

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