Voices Of Our Sisters

Voices of Our Sisters

We Are Only Who We Are, What We Are

We Have Never Asked For More

  Than What Any Of You Would Ask

And still, We Rest Alone

Where Is The Justice?

Where Are Our Rights?

We Once Danced With Laughter

Wrapped In Colour Supported By Flame

Now There Is Only Darkness

Now There Is Only Cold

Why Don’t They Cry For Us

Why Have We Been Forgotten?

This Is Not What Should Have Been

We Had So Much To Say, So Much To Do

Why Was This Taken From Us

Why Does No One Care?

Why Have We Been Forsaken?

We Cannot Rest

Always Walking

Always Running

A Never Ending Journey To An Unknown Place

Searching For Light

Searching For Warmth

Crying For Justice

Until Then…

We Shall Just Keep Walking

Hundreds of  indigenous women have been murdered or gone missing across Canada since 1980 and remain, to this day, unsolved or open cases that the authorities have neglected to investigate.  In 2016 CBS launched an investigation of 34 of those cases, where police claim there has been no foul play. (for full details visit the CBC link below) Please- lend your voice to this cause by getting involved and forcing authorities and governments to stop treating these missing and murdered women as an invisible statistic.





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September 28, 2016 · 1:20 am

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