Mother’s Day



I thought I caught your scent today

As I walked among the trees

Was it the smell of budding flowers

Trying hard to tease?

But then I heard your laughter

And I turned in such a whirl

To find a pretty lady playing with her little girl.

And so I did continue, along my chosen path

And missed you with all that’s in me

As I thought of the talks we’ll never have

I wish you were still with us

but it’s not for me to say

Now’s the time I seem most to dread

It will soon be Mother’s Day


The mornings come so early

And it won’t do to lay about

I can almost hear your scolding

Get up, you lazy thing, get out!

So with heavy heart I start my day

Going where I don’t want to be

Feeling so utterly wretched

and trying not to let anyone see

Among the towers of cement and glass

I trudge along my way

When a gentle breeze caresses me

And It’s suddenly a brighter day

I’ve caught your scent again, you see

and I know it’s no budding rose

I can feel you’re right here with me

So I’ve forgotten my earlier woes

I tell you of all that has happened

Of all my fears and of doubts

You listen so very patiently

and your love for me shines throughout

You tell me not to be so sad

For you are never far away

But that I will always have you with me

For each and Every Mother’s Day.




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May 8, 2014 · 1:13 am

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