A Rose In The Window




Today I saw a yellow rose

Inside a bakery shop

The bloom was wide and full of life

I could not help but stop

It floated there inside a bowl

At ease in its confines

I wondered why the rose was here

And no longer on the vine


 To the counter I did walk

To make my query known

‘It’s for a special lady

I was told in a sad and gentle tone

‘She came in every morning

And ordered just one thing

Tea with a touch of lemon

Then she’d stand outside and sing


I think she used to be someone

A long, long time ago

But she had no home to speak of

No where else that she could go

And every morning for the last ten years

She’d be here to have her tea

Then sing outside the entire day

Until we closed, you see


She passed away just last eve

Outside our little shop

She had been singing loud and clear

And then suddenly she stopped

It was a shock, I’d have to say

And seems a rotten waste

But she passed away real peaceful like

With a smile upon her face


So we’ve put a rose in the window there

By where she always stood

And we’ll keep one there to remember her

For she was honest, kind and good

And for everyone who wonders

About that single rose

I’ll gladly the story

Of a person we all should know



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