A man and woman lay dormant

nestled beneath satin sheets

The man, he sleeps so soundly

while around him the Devil creeps

Into his wife’s deep slumber

ripping her into the past

giving her visions of comrades

making her heart beat too fast

She hears the screaming penance

of friends that are long since dead

While fires glow all around her

and explosions sound in her head

Her soul tears at the sound of their agony

Her heart stills at the dying of boys

Their dead eyes haunt her in day dreams

She can no longer feel love or Joy

In her fist she feels the weight of her weapon

pulled every tightly against her breast

She is prepared for the Demon’s arrival

And will fight such Eternal Rest

But then the man finally awakens

disturbed by his wife’s mournful screams

He reaches out and he takes her

Attempting to push away the dreams

Speaking ever so softly the few words

 she so desperately from him needs

Using his love as a shielding

as within him his heart does bleed

He feels so much frustration

for the woman he loves so deep

knowing he can’t defeat the demons

that haunt her in her sleep

He promises to never leave her

      He will always be her man

Despite the war that maimed her

 and left her quaking in his hands

      A  price he feels is to high for anyone

to pay for the honor of their land.

 Lest We Forget.



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