Thursday’s Twitter Tales- Are You In?


 So, have been thinking for awhile now of trying a little experiment on twitter. I love to write, as do many of my followers, and I have been reading different blogs about ways to write,  tricks to expand your vocabulary, revitalize your plot or get your creative juices flowing again.

They were all perfectly sensible of course, and Kudo’s to those who get them out there, as they are good advice for any and all who wish to take up the mantel of Author.  There are many different writing methods out there, and it got me wondering, which is dangerous on its own! Many of my followers are also writers, and fabulous ones at that; based on the works I have had the privilege of reading recently; and so I thought I would try a little experiment.

I would like to start Thursday’s Twitter Tales. What is this, you ask? Well, right now, it is only an idea. However, starting tomorrow morning, I will post the very beginnings of a story, and will ask my followers, and anyone else who cares to test their random story telling skills to reply to that story tweet and ‘continue’ it in whatever fashion they care to. You can reply for a full 24 hours, to give everyone a chance, but remember, write enough that another person can pick up the next few lines. We may end up with a whole lot of gobblidy-gook, or we may end up with a terrific and fun story!

As twitter limits what you can put in one tweet, it will be interesting to see what everyone manages to cram in there. It’s relatively simple to toss out a four or five plus page story, or even a few paragraphs, but to do it one or two sentences at a time??? Well, it’s certainly something different. All things will be accepted (except porn, obviously, and preferably no Blair Witch recreations where ever other word is F**k. ) We’re all so much better than that.

If all goes well and I can get enough replies to make a story, I will post it here on my blog in full with all credited tweeters (Authors). If it goes really well, I will do one every month, for any who wish to participate. Maybe we can even manage to do themed stories. Any comments or ideas about this are welcome, so please leave below or send me a Tweet re #TTT. 


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