One day upon the mountain

Of heaven’s highest peak

St. Jude climbed up toward GOD

And insisted that they speak

The world has people dying

Of those who have lost hope

There is no one to show them

No one to help them cope.

And so, said Jude, a request I have

I believe You’ll think it true

To send my brightest Angel

So that Hope may be renewed

GOD agreed that very day

And to Earth, Jude’s Angel came

A babe was born, a fine strong girl

And Sharon was her name.

She would not stand for foolishness

She would not stand for pride

Instead she showed all whom she met

Of the Hope that lived inside.

She spent her years with people

The dying and the sick

And if you dared incur her wrath

She’d give you such a kick!

While her will was hard, her heart was soft

There was nothing she wouldn’t do

For someone whom she cared for, or one she barely knew

We all have learned her lessons

Learned to Love and learned to Hope

She taught us all to live each day

She taught us all to cope

Yesterday upon the mountain

Of Heaven’s Highest Peak

God called upon His dear friend Jude

And said, It’s time we speak

I worry for your Angel

She has done her level best

But she is very tired now

She must come home and rest

St. Jude shed tears of happiness

For he had missed her so

So he sent out other Angels

To help her loved one’s let her go

While there is still great sadness

And our grief is still quite fresh

There is no mistaken that Jude’s Angel

Does indeed deserve the rest

To dear Dow or Sharon, or Sergeant Major if you fussed

We wish you love, we wish you joy

And pray you’ll still watch over us


(For my aunt . She will never be forgotten.)


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