She remembers a past

Unlike any other

A Mother and Dad,

sisters and brothers

She holds tightly to

Her now shattered dreams

But no one can hear

her silent screams

A void of darkness moments in life

Pass through her eyes

in a moment of strife

Whispering voices sound in her head

All that she knew

is suddenly dead.

She wanders alone in the square

With no sense of time

Speaking to people

As they witness her crimes

She’s not just a beggar

For sure she’s no thief

She’s just an old woman

Who’s home is their street

No roof over her head

No bed to lay in

She’s looked upon like rubbish

Or some kind of sin


I watch as she walks {Lady Liberty}

The road in my way

And my mind tries to wander

to happier days

A daydreamer’s bliss

Is all that she owns

{Lady Liberty} Woman of stone

Alone in her ways

With no passage back home

Her face haunts my dreams

Her battles becomes my plight

Yet she has the courage

To stand in the light

Lady Liberty, If I take you home

Would you share just a piece

Of that courage you’ve shown.




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