For someone who always has a story, ongoing conversation, character idea and so forth in her head, it is quite hard thinking of things to ‘blog’ about. I suppose because I think it more of writing about myself, a topic I usually avoid, but I am trying to get the hang of it. I’m an old dog trying to learn new tricks, when I really just like to roll over and play dead.

Having now read some fascinating blogs written by some truly insightful people; blogs like or, and just to name a few; I am struck by the way they can make even the mundane intriguing. If you are an aspiring writer, you should certainly follow these and many other blogs, to hone your skills.

More than anything, such blogs are inspiring. I never knew there were so many writers out there until I jumped (actually was tossed by Vicki Trask) into multimedia and was hit full force ( I still have the scars) by an array of aspiring talent toting their wares, offering helpful reviews, advice and support to those of us starting out in the scary world of online publishing.

So, now I am back to trying to figure out something to write again. The cursor on my screen taunts me with it’s na na nana nah blinking. No doubt it’s way of sticking out its tongue at me. Curse you Cursor! You are so aptly named! I will not submit…there must be something I can write that doesn’t become part of a story. Hmm…let me think….Perhaps if I just continue to ramble, no one will notice that I’m not actually saying anything. Nonsense, you’re all far too…SQUIRREL!…intelligent for that.

So, as I was saying, blogging is hard and kudos to those who have mastered it. There are many things I hope to master in my life time, cooking, sword fighting, Kung Fu, how to make an aerodynamic yo-yo, but I don’t know that blogging will ever be one of them. I simply don’t have that much to talk about, unless I am a character in one of my stories, and then I can’t seem to shut myself up!

I watched Julie and Julia the other day, about a young woman who blogged for a full year about cooking all the recipes in Julia Child’s cook book. It was a wonderful, sweet movie, but it did little to encourage my inner blogger. While I could certainly get behind the ‘cook everything in mounds of butter theme’ I simply couldn’t do what she did, write every single day AND d-bone a duck. No. Not me. I know my limits. All the same, it was fascinating to see how the world of blogging worked, although I don’t know what I would do if I had 500 people reading my rants…They may well revoke my sanity pass at the Institute. But, all in good time.

Well, I suppose that is enough rambling, if any of you are still awake, do leave a comment, otherwise I will continue to write just anything that pops into my head. Have any of you ever been stalked by a duck or trained to leave food by a squirrel? No? Just me. Thought so.


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