On my way to work today, I noticed a young woman walking across the parking lot to the building where I worked. She was wearing shiny red high heels and a tight, grey mini skirt  that barely covered her…shall we say…assets, with a slit up the back that offered glimpses of the black thong she was wearing- whether one wanted to see it or not.

Now, I get that some women consider this a sexy outfit, some even consider it professional- which it really isn’t, but to each their own. Sometimes women can look sensational in their power suit mini’s, but this skirt was obviously two or three sizes too small for this woman, and she was quite thin besides, and that was saying something. On our short walk across the parking lot, the woman had to stop a total of seven times to tug down her skirt, which, of course, rode up every time she moved her legs.

So my question is, especially in a business environment, WHAT WAS SHE THINKING wearing something like that to work?. Why would one chose to wear a garment that is so obviously uncomfortable and indiscreet that they have to constantly tug it down to cover themselves? Did she accidentally grab her younger sister’s school skirt? Did she spill water on the material on her way to work and it shrank as it dried, or did she intentionally, for whatever reason, purchase a skirt that was obviously three sizes too small for her and chose to wear anyway?

I have no way of knowing what type of work she does in the building, and can only speculate how horribly ridiculous she will look if she has to pull down her skirt ten times to get to a copier, or while her boss has her in a meeting, or just getting up from her chair. Is it just the society we live in that people assume they can wear whatever they like, wherever they like and it will have no consequences, because everyone is so afraid of not being considered politically correct? Does this young women expect to be taken seriously when she can’t even dress herself appropriately?

I don’t know. What I do know, is I am getting very tired of seeing everyone’s ‘assets’ hanging out in plain view for all people, including children, to see. Whether they are wanna-be gangsters with their jeans hanging off their ass, or wearing see-thru tops with no bra or undershirt, it is an epidemic that must be addressed.  Today’s youth and twenty somethings obviously never learned how to clothe themselves or have any respect for themselves.


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