TGIF? Whatever for?

So, it is Friday once again, comes around every six days or so and has for at least a millennium. Now the saying TGIF (or Thank God It’s Friday- to those who chose to ‘use their words’) has been around since the early 1960’s, when some of the best catch phrases were born, in my humble opinion, however at that time the general work week was Monday to Friday.

Now a days, people work six sometimes seven days a week, or, thanks to the electronic sharing age we live in, they never stop working, whether they are at home, at a BBQ, in the bath….wherever they have their handy tablet, BlackBerry or I Phone to handle any crisis that might arise and can’t possibly wait until Monday Morning.

But really, what is TGIF? Some people’s Fridays are actually during the week, as anyone who works shift work knows, and should we really be thanking God for Friday, just because it might be the end of our work week? If you think about it, without work, we would all be starving and homeless, there would be no money to pay for food, clothing, and all our fun little social gadgets. Huh, social gadgets indeed- if anything all these phones and laptops, textings and face booking leads to anti-social activity. Who needs to go out and meet someone face to face when you can just sit at home in front of the television and update your status to a thousand FB ‘Friends’?

Alas, I digress, I was discussing Fridays and why we are so glad they are over. But are they, really, or is it just our perception? If your idea of a TGIF evening is to get off work, meet at a bar and get shitfaced so you don’t remember anything until Sunday, where you immediately start bitching about the pain of Monday that is forthcoming is that really something to be thankful for? Now, it is hardly Monday’s fault that you are sick, cranky and exhausted, so I don’t think it should continue to be blamed for your lack of inhibition.

Now, if you are a regular Joe, with a family, friends or really if you’re over the age of thirty, your work day doesn’t stop on Friday. The weekends can be just as much work as going into an office every week day. There are always chores to do, people to see, lists to make, meals to prepare and on holidays there is always, always traveling and too much food and beer. So Thanking God for Friday when you’re weekend spins into an exhausting two day marathon that leaves you spent and cranky on Monday, well that isn’t Monday’s fault it’s your fault for  partying before a work day. 🙂


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