Do you like long haired, muscle-bound rogues, who have a darkness inside of them that you can’t wait to explore? Do you like someone who broods, is mysterious and you have to work to get through the layers? Perhaps someone who has an instant attraction and will sweep you up in a brief, but breathlessly passionate affair?

Do you like shy, quiet brainy types, or someone who will bring you flowers and remember your birthday? What about the brave, heroic type who have no time for frivolity or nonsense, but has a strong core of what is right or wrong. Are you more a Herculean, I’m-built-like-a-God and just as arrogant type, or do you prefer someone down to Earth? Or perhaps someone not from Earth at all?

Today I am going to discuss some of my favorite characters in books and what makes them dear to me. Afterwards, I would be most interested in your opinion of what sort of fantasy man or woman you have and did you find them between the pages of the Nations best seller or a half price book shop on an forgotten shelf in a book no one else has heard of?

My first choice is from a series of books I read when I was only twelve called The Lord Of The Rings. Long before Peter Jackson turned them into a blockbuster movie, these books had deep, complex and memorable characters. For me, Strider or Aragorn as he is later called, was the one I remembered most vividly and the one I thought off most often, from all other books. I have to admit, Peter Jackson got it right when he cast Viggo Mortenson in the movie!

The reasons are plain, Aragorn is of noble birth, yet has rejected his place and his people because he worries that he holds the same weakness his ancestor was guilty of, and so is not suitable to lead the race of men. Instead, he becomes a ranger, a man of the wood and land, a tracker, a rogue and a loner. Not one to waste idle words, when he speaks you are compelled to listen, a born leader, yet he avoids his birth place, where he would be recognized as a King, and chooses instead to walk the land learning from those he trusts.

Aragorn is a man who holds trust, loyalty and the good of others above all else. He is a man that can be depended on, a reluctant hero of the highest quality, despite his own humility. He accepts his inner darkness, his inner weakness, but does not allow it to stand in his way when there is a need to rise and fight. Who couldn’t love a man like that?

My second choice would be Rourke from J.D. Robb’s In Death Series. If you have ever read this series you would not need to ask why I would chose him as my fantasy man, but for those who haven’t read the books, this is what I can tell you. Rourke (no last name) is a man who came up from the slums of Dublin, Ireland to make a name and place for himself in the world. As an adult, he owns half the known universe (books are set somewhat in the future), is probably the richest man on the planet, tall, muscular, long dark hair and piercing blue eyes. He has a dicey past, which becomes an issue at times with his wife Eve Dallas, a homicide cop of the highest caliber.

Rourke is everything a fantasy man should be, handsome, rich, suave, sensitive, charming and of course has impeccable taste. He also has a dark side, a ferocious temper when it comes to protecting what is his, which usually entails his wife, and has no compunctions about killing someone, when it is necessary.  There is an animal beneath his glossy exterior and you’re always torn as to whether or not you want him to let it out. He struggles with it, is almost vulnerable from it, and so you can’t help but be hooked.

Now, what sort of men or women do you like? Have you found your fantasy in a book or a movie? What draws you to them and how well do you know them, based on the ability of the author?
Feel free to comment below 🙂

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