Musings Of My first Blog Tour…

My Blog Tour is done!

I owe much gratitude and love to Kai, Vicki and Carolyne for their kind words, reviews and assistance. (Each of these strong, wonderful, web-savvy women have great blogs that you can check out by clicking on their names.) It was a daunting experience and not something that I ever would have thought to do for myself. I had tweeted, re tweeted,  e-mailed, shared links, posted, texted and of course blogged until my fingers were numb and it felt like my brain was bleeding, but I made in through! And do you know something? I enjoyed hell out of it! I honestly didn’t think I could do it.

I never considered using the web for anything but checking Facebook updates about my family, e-mailing my friends, and posting the occasional you tube video.  I had only briefly considered publishing over the years, and the first time did not go well. Regular publishers were simply not ready for a story like mine and so I was at a loss what to do.

I continued to write, of course, but Mary’s Tears has a special place in my heart, not only for the reasons I wrote it, or for the fact that it takes place in the province where I grew up, but because, even as I was writing it, it touched something deep inside of me. I wanted so badly to share that feeling with others.

So, I went the way of self-publishing, first in a print book, but even then I did not know how to sell myself. As much as I wanted to share the book, I felt it was conceited or brazen to publicize something I had written. I couldn’t  properly verbalize what the book was about, so stemmed by my own insecurity and the idea that I had nothing interesting to say, that I stumbled over the outline and sounded like I hadn’t even read the book, much less been the author.

After my own blog tour, I think I gleaned a little more knowledge of what is out there. I certainly had no idea that there were so many self publishing authors, and in all honesty, I don’t feel as alone as I did the first time I tried. I don’t feel like a failure because a big-money publisher couldn’t take the time to open my manuscript before saying no. Who needs them really?

Yes it would be wonderful to sit back and just collect a cheque as someone else does all the selling, processing, building and advertising for you, but who says they are better than me? Who says I can’t do it just as well, myself? Frankly, I say that, because even if I was the bravest, most web-savvy and strong-business minded person out there, everyone still needs help; still needs support.

I understand that people are busy, that people have lives, but if you can take the time to share/post/like/tweet a funny picture, why can’t you also do any or all of that for a link/post from someone you care about? Someone who needs that support?

I am lucky to have found a great friend in Vicki and, through her, I met Kai who also helped. I am lucky to have always had Patricia, who is willing to read and proof read and tell me to get my ass out there and do it, not just in my writing but in every part of my life that I bring to her. But I can’t do it alone. My friends help, but I need more, much more, we all do.

I came to realize this on Twitter, how important ‘spreading the word’ and ‘sharing’ is for an Indie Author, and that is why of the people that follow me on Twitter, and any other I see that are promoting their books I will try to re-tweet as much as I can of their dreams. I will link their pages and ask people to read their books because they are going through the same thing I am. The same thing every author goes through, the fear of rejection- the fear you are not good enough.

If Mary’s Tears doesn’t sell more than ten copies, will it discourage me, admittedly it will. Will I stop writing, of course not! I could never stop writing. From the time I was seven until the time I am one hundred and seven, I will be writing. Plus, now that I see what is out there and how many people, just like me, are struggling with their dreams, there is absolutely no reason I should stop. Will I be this determined with my next book, hopefully done by next year…YOU ARE DAMN STRAIGHT! Writing is what I was meant to do. This is what I will do and I will not hide anymore.



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  1. Thank YOU for the compliments! It was my pleasure to host your blog tour for a day on my blog, and I wish you all the success in the world. ❤

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