Bryanna watched as a dark shadow fell over them and crawled across the kingdom, shading the blades of blue-green grass, the golden fields of crops and blocking out the twin suns above them.  As she lifted her gaze her jaw immediately dropped. The sky was littered with dragons, all shapes, sizes and colors. Her hands clapped to her mouth as she dropped to her knees, shocked, amazed and oddly euphoric.  A flight of dragons! An actual flight of dragons!

She’d wanted to see a dragon since she was three years old, and while she eventually grew up and allowed the notion to slip away, it was always there, always yearning for the chance to return. Belief did that, belief in things that no one else believed in. Belief, in the impossible.

“My God!” Marc cried as he gripped his hair in disbelief. “Are…is that…those are dragons!”

“Yes, of course. They are migrating to the North.” Elyan was watching Bryanna, was she in awe or terrified? He moved and knelt beside her. “Are you frightened?”

A single tear escaped from the corner of her eye and slid down her cheek. She couldn’t speak, couldn’t pull her eyes away from the spectacle in the sky. They were real. They were real! “They…All my…life…I’ve…” She shook her head, unable to finish as more tears flowed.

Elyan nodded in understanding, and rose. He searched the sky for a few moments, and then cupped his hands around his mouth and released a chilling sound that caused both Bryanna and Marc to flinch in alarm.

A moment later, one of the dragons broke apart from the others and flew towards them. It was a massive, gold and green scaled wonder and it headed directly at Elyan.

“Look out!” Marc cried, but Elyan simply continued to watch the dragon’s descent. Suddenly, a mammoth gust of wind almost toppled the humans, as the dragon flapped its wings to brake; Bryanna fell from her kneeling position onto her behind.

The Dragon touched enormous, clawed feet upon the ground with an earth shaking boom and huffed smoke at Elyan.

Elyan spoke again in a strange, guttural language and indicated Bryanna, who was now shakily rising to her feet.

The beast took a massive step forward looked towards the woman and huffed a light plume of smoke her way.

“This is Nagrong,” Elyan introduced. “A name the land dwellers have bestowed, for humans could not pronounce his name in their ton…”

From Bryanna’s mouth came a sound so hideous it was beautiful and the dragon tilted his head, as if in surprise. He then, remarkably, bowed his massive snout toward her.

“You….you speak Dragon?” Elyan gasped. “You are human! You cannot speak Dragon!”

Bryanna could only shake her head, she didn’t know she could speak Dragon either, but the word had been pulled from her at Nagrong’s arrival, and somehow she knew it was his true name.

Moving forward she reached a trembling hand up, up, up, above her head and touched the tip of the Dragon’s nose.  She closed her eyes at the cool, rough, real texture beneath her fingertips. His scales were rough, prickly, yet she could feel the heat and smell a hint of sulfur from his breath.

Suddenly, she stood on her tip-toes and splayed her arms out across Nagrong nose’s, laying her head against his hard flesh and became even more overwhelmed when the Dragon lowered his snout further to accommodate her. It was the closest she could come to a hug. “I’ve been waiting all my life for you,” she sobbed.

Nagrong released a rumbling sound that almost sounded like a chuckle, and placed one large claw/finger against her, as if embracing her back.

“You didn’t tell me you could speak to dragons!” Marc accused.

“I…I didn’t know.” Bryanna lifted tear filled eyes to stare up at Nagrong in wonder. “Thank you for stopping. Thank you for existing.

Cherished are those who believe.

Bryanna was started by the deep, serene voice resonating through her mind. “You…was that you?” she asked and the Dragon dipped his head. “I…I can hear you. In my head, I can hear you!”

 ‘A voice on the wind can always be heard by those who listen.’

Fresh tears sprung to her eyes as she realized the truth. All her life she had heard voices in her head, not the kind that would warrant mental therapy or medication, but voices, talking in the back of her mind, reminding her that magic existed. Consoling her when she was at her lowest and encouraging her when she needed courage.

“I…I think maybe that must be true.”

“What’s happening? Who are you talking to?” Marc demanded.

“I’m talking to him.”

“The Dragon? Why can’t I hear him?”

“You can communicate telepathically as well?” El caressed his chin. “Interesting.” He moved forward and touched her cheek with his gloved hand, then inspected his finger. “Hmmm…wet.”

Bryanna wiped away her tears and laughed. “Tears of happiness, I assure you.” She looked at Nagrong. “I’m sorry to have taken you away from your migration.”

Today is but yesterday waiting for tomorrow.’

Her smile grew wider. “Do you go north because you prefer the cold weather?”

Again, he dipped his large head.

“Why can’t I hear him?” Marc asked as he moved slightly closer, still wary. “Can you understand English?”

I understand man-speak, youngling.’ The dragon’s voice now vibrated through all three of their minds. ‘I allow only a select few to hear me.’

Bryanna glared at her brother, then addressed Nagrong. “May I ask…How old are you?”

Nagrong almost seemed to smile at her. ‘As old as the ancient and as young as youth.

“Oh!” Again tears filled her eyes, though she did not understand why. “Do you always speak in such beautiful riddles?”

 ‘My words are of your desire, dear one.”

She laughed and wiped at her cheeks again. “I don’t understand, but I don’t care. You are beautiful and wonderful and thank you so much for letting me experience you.”

The Dragon nodded once more and with another turbulent gust of wind, and a rumbling of earth, he lifted off and rejoined the migration.




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