Judgement Day??

When our grandparents were young there were ‘judgments’ against race and color. A black person couldn’t go to a white person’s school and they were considered dirty and impossible to educate. An Asian person was expected to work menial jobs for almost no pay, and they were or were mistrusted and segregated for the actions of their ancestors. Jewish people were persecuted for being successful…or for just their faith. Horrifically these good people, who were helpless to change from what caused such hatred in others lost their lives time and time again in the senseless violence of others.

And the people cried for Tolerance and Equality.

When our parents were young, there were ‘judgments’ against generations. Older people grew to suspect, abhor the younger generation, sometimes their own children, for wanting to change how the world thought. Music was a target, believed to be corrupting the minds of the young, and there were demonstrations against the military, the government and protests against those dying in war. People were shunned for casting off their material positions and living on the road, while sponsors pleaded for you to donate to a hungry child in Africa.

And the people cried for Peace and Love.

When we were young there were ‘judgments’ about social behavior and warnings of crisis. How many friends you had determined how good a person you were, and thus your popularity. If you were not part of a ‘click’ you were an outcast among sheep. If you did not come from a good home, or you came from a broken home, you were tormented. If people suspected you of being homosexual, you were beaten, if they suspected you had AIDS, you were shunned. You were bullied if you wore clothes from K-mart or a local thrift shop, instead of the Gap or Le Chateau.  And the social media predicted the end of the world, the depletion of our ozone, and so we discarded the more damaging materials, started to recycle, planted a tree, saved some whales and lifted our voices in protest.

And the people cried out for Compassion, Justice and Waste Reduction

And so now here we stand in the 21st century, with all our wealth and technology, all our ages past, all the mistakes we should have learned from, and yet there is still bigotry. There is still bullying and teenage suicide. There are still people who measure your worth by what clothes you wear and what town you were born in. There are still those who will not accept one who is different, and those who still shun the ill, the handicapped and the deprived. There are those who put wealth, greed and self before all others. There are still starving children in the world and there are still wars being waged against innocents. The whales are flourishing, but the polar bears are dying. Property values are rising and the ice caps are melting and medical science seems more concerned about a man’s erectile dysfunction than finding a cure for AIDS or Cancer.

And the people stopped crying, stopped asking, stopped hoping…. because no one was listening and they were far to busy on their IPhones and IPads to be bothered with the world around them. Political Correctness is not acceptance, it is a selfish pretense against a backlash of public scrutiny. Affirmative Action is still hiring based on race and wearing a rainbow button doesn’t make you Pro-Gay.

The world needs leaders that are willing to listen. It needs people that are willing to act and not be afraid of what their family, their neighbors or Big Brother thinks . Our Judgement Day is coming…how do you think we will be judged?

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