Stop To Smell The Roses


Girls and boys, ladies and gentlemen, elves and faeries, hobbits and Dwarves and the selected aliens secretly living amongst us. I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve….

BILBO! Get away from the computer!!

Sorry folks, offer a hobbit a bit of food and a place to stay and they try to take over the place. Anyway, I have a habit of writing random rants, so this is just a note to any of you who care and those who don’t…Cover your ears…wait. you’re reading…eyes! Cover your eyes. of course, if your eyes are covered you can’t really see this so won’t hear, see the warning…anyway moving on!

Work is going very well and of course the trips in on the bus are always entertaining. When you are spending an hour and a half of your day on or waiting for public transit, you get to see all manner of people. Gang bangers and bag ladies mixing with growling businessmen and dominatrix’s in power suits.

The rush of the trains, squealing of the breaks mingle with either complete and utter silence as everyone stays in their own, germ free, anti-social bubble, or you are straining to hear yourself think over the din of languages floating around you.

Young teenagers wearing clothes  with sayings that dare people to kiss or spank an intimate part of their body snuggled up to the fellows that swim in their John Candy’s hand-me downs, while you fight the urge to tell them to pull up their pants. Chatty Cathy’s on their cell phone that must have a hearing loss from the music everyone else can hear from the headphones in their ear,s because they scream into their cell phones about who said this and who did that.

The person that hasn’t bathed in four days and smells of sweat and dog piss always want to sit by you, while the alcoholic that is three-sheets-to-the-wind tries to coerce your name and number as he looses the battle to hold himself upright in the seat, just before he pukes on the floor.

All of this is part of the life in Toronto and can certainly get a person down if they aren’t careful to look for the rare, special moments that also come from such a multi-cultural society.

A young man you suspect might rob you the instant a train stops, offers his seat to an elderly woman. A seventy-year old man holds hands with his sixty-year old wife, oblivious to anything but each other. A devoted mother playing with her toddler in his stroller, until his  laughter fills the air.

A man steps aboard a bus, his hands full of flowers for a special sweetheart, while a woman close to fainting from the heat of people packed in around her, finds the crowd just as willing to come to her aid until she can feel better. A Homeless man rises to his feet as you step off the bus and opens the door to the cafe for you, with a smile and a warm hello and asks you for nothing in exchange.

The bus driver who ejects a little humour into his announcements for a break in the monotony is embarrassed when he can’t get up a hill because of all the people crowded onto his bus, and then you witness his clear astonishment and pleasure when half of the people get off to walk up the hill and meet him at the top to climb back on, his journey easier with less of a load.

So, while taking the public Transit and living in a big city can be frightening and annoying, it can also be rewarding and memorable. You see all manner of people, in all manner of states and  judgements must be held for a court of law. That is what makes the world go ‘round.


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